DererDerer design & construction


Our Vision

In DererDerer Design & Construction, we bring the knowledge and experience we have gained since the very first day, in touch with our values, architectural, design and implementation ability to create projects respecting humanity and nature. We realize contemporary designs that harmonize with the global changes and progress, and combine the visual with the functional. We conduct business with an understanding to provide high-quality service adding value to the environment, where the user and customer satisfaction is of top priority.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction: Making sure that our customers live in safe and healthy environments with the highest living standards. Meeting any expectations and needs of the customer in the best way possible and obtaining gladsome results for all of our projects.

Respect for the Society: Moving forward in line with ethical values during every phase of our work and producing beneficial projects for the society without compromising on principles of trust, honesty and equality.

Respect for the Environment: Making contributions to the environment and the nature as well as acting in accordance with the applicable laws and rules. Adopting practices, as our long-term requirements, to support recycling in the short- and long-term, making use of the resources in the most efficient way and minimize the waste.

Team Spirit: Prioritizing the satisfaction of our team members and keep the sense of belonging alive. Reflecting the power created by the active and fast organization to our projects. Having long-term cooperation relying on trust and respect with our business partners, in addition to business relations.

Innovation: Questioning all details at every step of our projects, either completed or in progress, and providing innovative solutions in line with the international standard, by keeping up with the technological developments in the industry, in order to obtain the best results at all times.

Sustainability: Creating comfortable environments that can be used for a long time without any maintenance need, with an attitude to prioritize expectations and avoid compromising on quality. Working hard in order to pass on a habitable environment to the next generations by creating environment-friendly projects and using nature compatible materials.

Excellence: Transferring the most recent and advanced technologies in the field of architectural design and their implementation to our projects. Fulfilling the requirements of the applicable procedures, standards and work program so as to implement the design in the best and most accurate way, within the specified time by using the optimum budget.

Safety: Providing suitable conditions in compliance with the Environment, Safety and Health standards so that our team members and business partners can work in a healthier and safer environment. Taking precautions against any accident or hazard.