DererDerer design & construction


Health, Safety and Environment

  • In DererDerer Design & Construction, we consider the legal requirements for occupational health and safety of top priority at every step of our work.
  • We think it is essential to spare time and budget to ensure occupational health and safety.
  • We take the necessary precautions against any possible hazardous situation during the projects and provide a safe environment for our employees and visitors.
  • We also inform our employees of occupational health and safety matters as required, and provide necessary equipment so that they can observe the relevant rules and protect their environment. We require our business partners work in line with the same principles.
  • We believe that accident frequency rate can be eliminated if we take the necessary precautions. Therefore, we improve ourselves continuously and put the requirements for occupational health and safety at the top of the list at every stage in our projects.
  • For our projects, we always prefer practices and products that minimize the environmental pollution and wearing.
  • By performing necessary reviews and adopting the principle of constant improvement, we exercise due care to comply with the international standards, environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.